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Rich's is always interested in working with high-quality companies to improve the service we provide to our customers or to yours.

Content Partners

If you are a high-quality database publisher looking for new distribution and sales opportunities, Rich's can help you. Bringing your database onto the Rich's system will enable our customers to potentially access and purchase leads from your databases. Your data can be aggregated into our larger offering to our customers, and specific online subscription packages can be created and offered to Rich's customers.

As well as this, Rich's offers you the opportunity for a no-cost online distribution mechanism for your data to your own customers. Once your data is on our system, the system can generate private label online subscription directories that you can then use to compliment your business. You can integrate these online subscription packages onto your current site at no cost, using our delivery platform to provide new online offerings to your customers. Rich's manages the e-commerce and payment flow also.

We are interested in partnering with high-quality niche database providers. Simply inquire by calling 1-800-969-7424.