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Case Studies

  • University of Pennsylvania/Career Services

    I have been working at the University of Pennsylvania Career Services for three years and I am in charge of The Career Services library and Web site. The University has been using Rich's directories since 2000!

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  • Unisource

    As the biz dev manager for Unisource, I am always looking for ways to empower my sales team. We distribute paper products, packaging materials and janitorial supplies and while we already have some lead generation tools in-house, the data we have is insufficient. All we have are names and addresses but what we really needed to know is whether the companies in our database were bona fide prospects

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  • Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc

    I have been using Rich’s High Tech Directories since the very first Silicon Valley edition was published in 1982. Back then, I was in sales, and finding leads in my target market was a challenge, especially with no Internet available. Rich’s was the first published sourcebook that was focused on high-tech companies in Northern California, and it helped me find print and circuit board customers. When that first guide was introduced, it was my bible!

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  • Steve Bliss Law

    I've been using the Rich's Directories for 10 years and can't say enough about them. I was looking for seminar clients when I first started using the guides, looking for companies that would hire me as a speaker. I still use Rich's today, but there was a period of four to five years when I was using the directories heavily for telemarketing purposes and during that period of time, Rich's easily brought me a half million dollars of business.

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  • Pinnacle Engineering

    Pinnacle Engineering & Design is a small, one-man consulting practice and you're looking at him! I specialize in engineering mechanical design work, mostly for corporations, and I bring in additional associates and assistants as needed. Most of my work involves product design development and automation design and all the work I do is individual contract work, so I have to personally contact each potential customer and pitch them on my services. By using Rich's High Tech Directories as a first step to identify and reach out to new customers, I've grown my business substantially over the years.

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  • Multiflex Circuits

    Multi-Flex Circuits manufactures high quality printed circuit boards (PCB's) and sells to the electronic industries worldwide. Our entire sales team has been using the Rich’s High Tech Directories for the past 10 years because they’ve proven to be the best resource for consistently producing qualified leads. The proof is in our numbers – we continually secure new business using Rich's Directories

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