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Case Study

Steve Bliss Law

Steve Bliss; "Rich's has easily brought me half a million dollars in business"

Name: Steve Bliss
Job Title: Attorney (Owner)

Profile: The Southern California Bio Tech and the High Tech Directories (Print Only)

I've been using the Rich's Directories for 10 years and can't say enough about them. I was looking for seminar clients when I first started using the guides, looking for companies that would hire me as a speaker. I still use Rich's today, but there was a period of four to five years when I was using the directories heavily for telemarketing purposes and during that period of time, Rich's easily brought me a half million dollars of business.

The customer service has been great but more importantly, I made a lot of money! The quality of the leads is fantastic and Rich's gives me all the information I need, such as which companies have more than say, 25 or 50 employees and who the HR contact is. It's great. It has helped us basically get through all the gate keeping!