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Case Study

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc

Doug Gotelli; "I can look beyond the obvious top ten prospects"

Name: Doug Gotelli
Job Title: Director of Sales, Western Region

Profile: Northern and Southern CA High Tech Directories

I have been using Rich’s High Tech Directories since the very first Silicon Valley edition was published in 1982. Back then, I was in sales, and finding leads in my target market was a challenge, especially with no Internet available. Rich’s was the first published sourcebook that was focused on high-tech companies in Northern California, and it helped me find print and circuit board customers. When that first guide was introduced, it was my bible!"

Today I manage a sales team and we use both the Southern California and the Northern California High Tech directories. Actually, my sales team uses the online directories, but to this day I still use the print version in lieu of the electronic version. I keep it at my feet at all times and refer to it regularly.

Specifically, I have always used the directories to look beyond the obvious top ten companies in my target market. My Rich’s Guide has helped me to expand my customer base tremendously, especially beyond the obvious companies that everyone else is already calling. Rich’s has exposed me to a whole new group of leads and industries, allowing me to look up new companies by name, get an idea of their size and find the right internal contact to pitch.

I really like the ability to look at the same data from several different perspectives. My Rich’s Guide allows me to look up companies alphabetically, look at specific market spaces or source leads geographically, depending on my needs at the moment. For example, if I know my sales team is going to be in Napa County next week, I grab my Rich’s Directory and find eight more companies that we should be talking to in the Marin/Napa/Santa Rosa area. The back of the Guide even has company info divided up by county.

Another thing I like about the Richs Guide? It's super cost effective. 1200 bucks total on three sales people in three regions for three different Rich’s Guides. That’s money well spent! One Rich’s guide will keep my sales team busy throughout the year. They can never say they don’t have leads!

The number of companies not in the guide is very negligible. I was using it this morning!