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Case Study

Multiflex Circuits

Gina Miller; "Our entire sales team has been using Rich’s for the past 10 years"

Name: Gina Miller
Job Title: US Sales Manager

Profile: CA and Northern CA High Tech Print Directories

Multi-Flex Circuits manufactures high quality printed circuit boards (PCB's) and sells to the electronic industries worldwide. Our entire sales team has been using the Rich’s High Tech Directories for the past 10 years because they’ve proven to be the best resource for consistently producing qualified leads. The proof is in our numbers – we continually secure new business using Rich’s Directories

There are many features we like about using Rich’s guides. We like the different indexes in the back of the book that let you cross reference companies by type of manufacturer, product, size, etc.

Rich’s offers us the flexibility and the cross-referencing capability to pinpoint target markets or a particular customer. The variety of data provided enables us to go after pre-qualified sales leads.

Riches Guide also provides contact names and websites for each listed company. This is very important to have a name when you make cold calls. This feature has been invaluable in achieving that first level of contact with our prospects.

We prefer to use the print edition because we can make notes right in the book. Sometimes you just can’t get away from having a book in front of you! Even our highly technical sales rep, who has gone digital in every way known to man, still prefers having the book in front of him.